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   About Us                                                

At OPTIMO Painting & Remodeling, we are experts in delivering quality work at affordable prices. Let our experience serving satisfied customers give you the quality of service you deserve.

We know how important your home or business to you that's why we take great care to assure you satisfaction… so you can be certain we'll provide you with the best job every time.

   Free Estimates!
We provide a free with no obligation estimates for all our jobs before we begin any work. Our objective is to provide you with complete understanding of the job costs, including labor and material.

   On-Time Performance
At OPTIMO Painting & Remodeling, we give you a detailed work schedule and we perform on time and on schedule. We know that you want us in and out in the quickest possible time and we work with you to achieve this result.

We provide both interior and exterior painting services and are familiar with a wide variety of surfaces and painting techniques. Call us for free estimate for jobs from painting your room to painting your whole house.


At OPTIMO Painting & Remodeling we provide minor remodeling services in conjunction with or independently of painting projects. Call us for drywall, baseboard and molding installation.

  Surface Protection

We protect your house and belongings during every phase of the project. Wide ranges of modern protection techniques, meticulous performance make us strong competitors on residential painting market.

  Accurate Paperwork

We pride ourselves on maintaining accurate records before, during and at the completion of the job. From our initial estimate to our final invoice you will always know what we promised, what we delivered and what it will cost you.

                  Contact Information

     (206) 367-3078

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OPTIMO Painting & Remodeling is Licenced, Bonded & Insured
                                                               (Lic#: OPTIMPR000PF)

Our company's success is based on providing a professional job. We offer fair and flexible pricing to meet the needs of our customer while allowing us to make a fair profit.